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General Resources

General Resources

211- Call 211 for curated social services. Resources they refer to include, veteran services. Employment opportunities, disaster relief, shelter, housing, and utilities assistance, health care, vaccination, addition prevention, rehab programs, support groups, domestic abuse, etc.

How to Enroll?
• Dial 211or visit

OYC - L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative Database of proarams and services for transition-age foster youth in the central LA. You can learn about existing programs and an array of services including advocacy and legal help, work, living and housing, parenting, and health!

How to Enroll?
You can visit hito://www.laoyc.ora/
Click any of the categories at the top of the page to see resources available
• For more specific options, click "Filter By" - found after you select the category you wish to look into
• Input your SPA in the last section for resources in your area and any other keywords.
Use the information provided to find and contact locations.

Our Children LA WIN (What I Need) App - WIN is a free web and mobile app designed to connect you ages 12-25, families and adults to essential services - all accessible without a referral.
Offers over 1800 service providers and programs in 11 search categories:
Drop-In Centers
Legal o Hotlines
And more Download it now to find resources near you!

• Anyone can access if!

How to Enroll?
• Visit download!

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