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Hygiene Kits

Have you been ready to get your day going? Feeling good, best dress and heading out the door ready to tackle the world,

then out of no where... BAM! Your period started. Your not prepared, what did you do?



In recent studies 68% of females reported they have either been bullied, ashamed, or embarrassed because

they had an accident during that time of the month?

We need more support for hygiene and menstrual products.


Inadequate menstrual support is associated with both health and psychosocial issues, particularly among low-income people. A lack of access to menstrual products can cause emotional distress, physical infection, and disease.

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"As we know, menstrual hygiene is an issue women have been facing over the years. It's great that the initiative to provide low-cost sanitary napkins has been undertaken. It is an empowering step for many women." 


                                                                                            - Radhika Apte

Kit Includes:

Discrete Hygiene Bag

Deodorant-travel size

2 Sanitary Napkin Pads

2 Sanitary Pantyliners

Lip Gloss

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sanitizer Wipes

Cleansing Cloths

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