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Domonique Roberts

Founder / Executive Director

My name is Domonique Roberts. I am the CEO and Founder of She's Going Places Inc. (SGP). SGP is a nonprofit organization aligned to support, motivate, and empower young women to pursue and fulfill their personal and professional aspirations.

I am a California native, proud resident of Compton, CA, and mother of two children. I grew up around entrepreneurs and professionals; so, from an early age I understood what was required to become one myself.


Yolanda Goldsby-White

Board Member


Radhika Desai

Executive Vice-President

Radhika is a native Californian with a genuine passion for public service. She has spent the past 16 years in local government serving stakeholders by bringing quality services to communities in Los Angeles County. Radhika holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy & Public Service with a concentration in Public Sector Management. 

Tempestt Garland.jpg

Tempestt Garland


Board Member

Tempestt L. Garland an attorney who specializes in the areas of land use, zoning, real estate transactions and environmental and regulatory due diligence. She has experience advising public agencies, private developers, and national retailers on various local, state and federal laws. Her CEQA experience includes advising public agencies regarding the legal adequacy of CEQA documentation, defending client’s CEQA review, and opposing temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions regarding CEQA.

Yolanda Goldsby-White is a United States Postal Services mail carrier for over 20 year. Born in Collinston, Louisiana Yolanda experienced harsh treatment during the civil rights movement. Those experiences gave her the courage to move to California and start a journey of becoming an activist for civil rights. 


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