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This is a $100 grant for all that qualify. See if you qualify below. 

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Our Purpose?

With trying times like this global pandemic woman and mothers have taken on more duties than ever and take less time for themselves. Yes, its important to take care of family, work, and other obligations, but its even more important to take care of YOU! We’ve provided financial support to  women across Los Angeles County for their rent, bills, groceries, professional development, and transportation needs since 2019. What’s remained consistent is that the women we helped often would not ask for help to provide extra care for themselves. What is something you want to do or need to take care of you? Give you joy? Give you a peace of mind or break? Most of what they shared with us would cost less than $100. Examples included a new comforter, hair products, new underwear, body wash, fresh vs frozen fruit, and dinner out with their kids. We know $100 isn’t a lot of money, what we hope is that it’ll give women the opportunity to take care of some of their self-care needs. 

*Please read FAQS before applying


Q. Who is eligible?

A.  Women residing in United States of America


Q. Can I receive more than one grant in a single calendar year?

A. No. Funds are limited and we’d like to provide money to as many

women in the country as possible.


Q. How old do I have to be to apply?

A. At least 18 years old.


Q. Can I apply if I’ve previously received financial support from She’s Going Places?

A. Yes you may.  However, you only receive this grant once per calendar year.


Q. What can it be used for?

A. We believe that women can make the best decisions for themselves on how to spend these funds for their self-care needs. A few examples of what women have worked with us to receive have included: groceries, fitness equipment, spa, literature, help with housekeeping, childcare assistance, and clothing.


Q. How will you decide who receives the grant?

A. Every first Sunday of the month we’ll do a random drawing from names submitted up until that point.


Q. How many times can I apply?

A. Just once is all it takes for a chance to have your name called. Duplicates will be removed.

Q. When does the application period close?



Q. If my name is chosen how do I receive my money?

A. We’ll contact you, so be sure that you’ve entered your email address and/or phone number correctly on the application. You’ll receive a check or pre-paid card in the amount of $100. During our conversation by phone or email, we’ll ask you to let us know the best way to get the funds to you.


Q. If my name is chosen will I have to verify my identity and the state I reside in?

A. Yes. However, we’ll work with you to ensure you can do so. 


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